I have written as a student and an intern for the City of Northfield, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, the Badger Herald, the Cannon Falls Beacon, The Lantern and courses at UW-Madison. Here are some of my best clips.

It’s a blast — summer in an ice cream shop

The Blast’s Owner Alex Morgan and Manager Eric Simon have their favorite sweet treats too. They recommend the puppy chow and cookie dough flurries! Emma Conway photo

During my summer internship with the City of Northfield, I wrote ten feature stories on new businesses in the community. These stories humanized the City’s communications and engaged the community. This story on the Blast will give you a taste!

A bridge between the world and the church

Good Shepherd’s Jessica McCarty explains her calling to become an ELCA Deacon. Eric Holmer photo

Each of us has a calling. Sometimes our calling feels obvious — other times not so much. Jessica McCarty is called to ministry and wants to help others determine their callings. In this feature for Good Shepherd, I was able to uplift McCarty’s story and explain a new role in the ELCA Lutheran Church.

Religion — an integral part of UW’s identity

Just off University Avenue, Lutheran Campus Ministry is one of the many places religious students gather on UW-Madison’s campus. 
Emma Conway photo

This semester, I created a website called “Religion’s Role at UW-Madison.” While the site tackles religion through a variety of mediums, the heart of the site is this feature story. I learned that religion is not only a piece of students’ identity but also a piece of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Faces behind Thanksgiving To-Go

Doug and Sue Baez look forward to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church’s Thanksgiving every year.
Emma Conway photo

Good Shepherd’s 2022 Generosity Campaign featured profile pieces on members who were impacted by invitation. Doug and Sue Baez are an example of ordinary people making an extraordinary difference in the community. This piece emphasizes how small actions can make a big impact.

Freshman Year 2.0: The Class of 2024 reflects on COVID filled first year, looks to new beginning ahead

COREY HOLL/The Badger Herald

Journalists never rest. This summer, I worked on this front-page feature for the Badger Herald’s Summer Take-home Edition. I enjoyed interviewing rising sophomores to debunk their emotions heading into an in person year.

Reclaiming Saturday: Students reinvigorate volunteer efforts across campus

NUHA DOLBY/The Badger Herald

This was my first feature published in the Badger Herald. For the first time in my journalism career, I understood what it meant to dive deeper. This project forced me to grow as a journalist in unimaginable ways. I learned how to write longer and harder, to intertwine five unlikely narratives and to ruthlessly edit.

Josephsons are sweet on corn and on Cannon Falls

The Josephsons are crazy about corn and the Cannon Falls community. Emma Conway

This was my last piece published in the Beacon before I left for UW-Madison. I believe this story captures what I did for the Beacon — provide the community with feel-good profile pieces. The Beacon solidified my dream of becoming a features reporter.